2018 Commercial Landscaping Industry Trends in Redmond, OR; Native Plants, Placemaking & More

Warm weather is finally starting to make its appearance which means it is time to start to think about your commercial landscaping plans for the summer. Having the right landscaping design can help your business welcome customers and beautify your building. Having a successful landscaping design will in turn, help your business be successful. There are many new designs and ideas out there this year. 4 Seasonal Services is here to share some of the trends that are out there in commercial landscaping this spring and summer.

Consider Plants that Grow in Hot Weather

When it comes to commercial landscaping, there is often little time to spend manicuring it. You want to take this into consideration as you are making plans for your business. One way to conserve water and have a low maintenance landscaping design is to choose plants that can handle the heat while looking beautiful. This is one way to lower your garden maintenance costs while doing your part to save the environment at the same time.

Placemaking Principles & Theory

Have your ever heard of placemaking? Placemaking is basically the art of transforming your landscaping into a place where people want to spend their time. This can be done by adding water features, fountains, sculptures, playgrounds, comfortable seating and of course, beautiful plant life. You want this area to be a place that your employees want to spend their time while they are outside.

Design Landscape with Native Plants

The best recipe for success is to incorporate plants that are native to your area into your landscaping. Obviously, these plants will be able to easily survive, if not, thrive. You don’t have to worry about adapting them to the environment and it can be a big part of reducing maintenance costs. Make sure you give the plants you choose for your landscaping room to grow. It is tempting to add more plants to make the space feel full, but many plants need ample room to grow. Many plants that are native to the area will attract the birds and butterflies to your landscaping. This is a great way to contribute to the ecosystem around you while making your business beautiful.

Create a Stunning Exterior Entrance & Increase Curb Appeal

Everyone wants to make a good first impression, and this is true for commercial landscaping as well. Your entrance is going to have a big impact on how your customers feel about your business. It is worth spending the time needed to create a stunning entrance. Choosing plants that incorporate color can be an excellent way to make your building’s entrance feel inviting to the customers you have visiting your establishment.

Commercial Landscaping Design & More in Bend, La Pine, Redmond, OR & Central Oregon

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