Advantages of Drip Irrigation Systems in Bend, OR; Low Cost, Water Use Efficiency & More

In every garden, nursery, farm land, vineyard, and so on, irrigation is a major contributor. Every landscaped property needs irrigation to maintain the health of flowers, plants and trees. Lack of water is one of the major culprits for a declining landscape, so we at 4 Seasonal Services encourage Central Oregon home and commercial property owners to plan for watering as part of their overall lawn maintenance program. The systems used to irrigate are endless and with so many options, you can find just the right one for your needs. Drip irrigation is one of the most effective methods as it provides an eco-friendly solution that conveniently ensures simple and adequate watering. We at 4 Seasonal Services would like to share some of the benefits of drip irrigation systems.

How Does Drip Irrigation Work?

Especially so for gardens, drip irrigation systems are extremely beneficial. Water is slowly and methodically seeping into the soil and absorbed by the plant from the design of this system delivering water directly to the root zone of the plant through low pressure in a series of tubes, drip emitters and other equipment. You can start with a soaker hose to test the effects of a drip system. Disperse a couple of the soaker hoses on the surface over a small area, and test different systems to see if it works for your watering needs. Keep in mind that the roots of the plant being watered will grow towards the water source as plants become accustomed to the watering system. But you can evenly distribute the direction of water among the roots of the plants.

Water Use Efficiency of Drip Irrigation System

Since the drip system has little to no runoff and no evaporation, the drip irrigation is one of the water efficient systems as there is little waste. The safe and effective method gives a steady amount of water to plants over time. Other systems can potentially over saturate the soil with water. During the summer particularly, the drip irrigation system is especially ideal. When the temperatures rise, the water flowing through a traditional sprinkler system for example is evaporated, which limits the efficiency. Drip irrigation systems mitigate the waste and evaporation of water while maintaining adequate quantities to benefit the plants.

No Water Spray Drift onto Sidewalks, Fences & Buildings

Drip irrigation can effectively deliver water to landscape flower beds, plants and trees with no spray drift, which is what happens when wind carries water dispersed from a traditional sprinkler irrigation system to areas that do not need to be watered such as your walkways, sidewalks, parking lots, fences and buildings. Drift spray wastes water.

Drip Irrigation Systems Are Low Cost

People find they save more money with the drip irrigation as it distributes the water evenly over time, making this method more cost effective. Choosing to water at the beginning or end of the day will help prevent evaporation and water loss through heat as well.

Irrigation Design, Installation, Repair & More in Bend, La Pine, Redmond, OR & Central Oregon

With the ability to custom design this system, we can give certain plants access to the amount of water they will need, because some need more than others. While drip irrigation is ideal for watering flower beds, plants and trees, it is not a solution for turf which will require conventional irrigation to disperse water throughout a large open area. 4 Seasonal Services can design and install a complete custom irrigation system that utilizes drip irrigation, water efficient sprinklers and other suitable irrigation methods to help you give your softscape the optimal watering amounts and scheduling it needs. Call 4 Seasonal Services to get started. Our professionals use quality materials to ensure the efficiency of your irrigation system and are readily available for a consultation today!