Best Grass Fertilizer & Schedule for When to Fertilize Lawn in Spring, Summer & Fall in La Pine, OR

Understanding that lawn maintenance is not only necessary but crucial for a healthy lawn is the first step to achieving a perfect turf. Maintenance such as regularly scheduled lawn mowing in the appropriate seasons and having a well balanced watering system routine is essential to keep your lawn alive. However, lawn fertilization is just as important if you want the greenest of the green and softest of the soft lawn. In the dryer climates, you do require diligent sprinkler watering when the rainfall falls are minimal. Ensuring the grass is managed properly increases the growth rate while minimizing the risk of grass-killing diseases. Lawn fertilization is extremely beneficial to the support of the soil’s nutrients, to promote a healthy, lush and vibrant grassy yard that all your neighbors will be envious for. Today, we at 4 Seasonal Services would like expound on lawn fertilization, and how this very important component stimulates the essential nitrogen, which is vital for healthy grass to grow quickly and beautiful as well as being able to recover from abuse, such as being crushed by heavy objects or extreme weather conditions. Nitrogen levels are an important element for a healthy and durable turf.

Best Time of Year to Fertilize

Lawn fertilization maintenance contributes to a healthy diet for your lawn and more specifically, for your grass’s root system. Where some folks are content with an annual spring time fertilization treatment, experts suggest giving your lawn a hardy meal, or lawn fertilization treatment four times a year, quarterly for a strong, healthy, green, and durable grassy yard. Where once a year is substantial, four times a year is optimal and as the years progress you will see a dramatic change in your lawn’s appearance and integrity.

Lawn Fertilizer Schedule

Below is the recommended fertilization schedule for your lawn, for superior results contact a professional lawn care specialist to utilize premium fertilizations products.
1) Early Spring: In early spring apply your first application of fertilizer for the year. This treatment helps a pre-emergent control of crabgrass and other grassy weeds. Be sure your fertilizer is ideal for the type of grass you have and hinders the common weeds in our area. Always follow the label’s instructions when applying your own fertilizer.
2) Late Spring: The following treatment application should be performed in the late spring. This fertilizer treatment, enriched with nitrogen, will produce energy that will give an abundance of support to your turf during the spring growth surge. This is ideal to prepare your grass for potential high temperatures, blowing winds and additional abuse with summer activities.
3) Early Summer: The next treatment should be administered in early summer. This fertilizer treatment is designed to stimulate and strengthen plant tissue increasing resistance to disease during the summer months when the grass is stressed as well as whether and the elements.
4) Late Fall: The final fertilization treatment of the year is executed in late fall. This scheduled application of the fertilization treatment is responsible for winterizing your lawn in an effort to improve the deep development of the roots and to encourage the spring time arousal.

Lawn Fertilization, Care & More in Bend, La Pine, Redmond, OR & Central Oregon

Fertilizing your lawn is more involved than what you may suppose. If it is overwhelming, consider hiring 4 Seasonal Services and let our experts ensure your lawn is fertilized to its full potential. Contact us today!