Lawn Care Maintenance Schedule for How to Prepare & Treat Your Yard for Fall in Sisters, OR

The summer is coming to a close and the new fall weather is taking hold of the day. The weather is a welcome change for most people after a long hot summer. The fall is the kick off to football, spiced coffee and of course the holiday season. When it comes to your lawn and landscaping it can be hard to know what you need to do. This type of weather brings a massive change to the lawn, trees and shrubs where it seems like they are not growing anymore. The cooler temperatures are not the right atmosphere for plants to continue to grow and flourish. The great thing is that the foliage and grass will come back in the spring but only if you prepare now for the colder seasons ahead. If you let your yard go in the fall it will take it longer to get back in the spring; if you are able to get it back at all.

4 Seasonal Services Outlines How to Prepare Yard for Fall

Don’t Stop Mowing Or Watering Grass: The first mistake that many people make when the fall season sets in is stopping their lawn care all together. The problem is that although the lawn will slow on growth it will not stop. The grass still needs to be cared for by the way of watering and mowing. You can of course adjust the amount of watering and mowing that you are doing but you don’t want to stop. You want to keep an eye on the grass and be sure that you mow when it is needed. This should continue through the entire season. At the end of the fall season just before the winter gets in you want to make sure that you bring the mower down to the lowest setting and cut it close to the ground.
Leaf & Yard Waste Removal: One of the most common occurrences that happen in the fall weather is that the trees start to change colors and the leaves fall off. Sometimes this also means that there will be limbs, branches and leaves all over your lawn. This may look great but you need to be sure you get them off the ground. You want to use a rake or leaf blower to get the leaves piled up and bag it up to have it removed. The problem you will have with leaving the leaves in place is that they can hold in the moisture that will lead to mold growth. This is damaging to your grass and will kill it as well as spread to other plants as well.
Professional Lawn Aeration: The fall weather means that the growth of plants is slowing down. You still want to make sure that the soil is ready to accept any nutrients and moisture so that it will hold up when the grass starts to grow again. That is why you want to call out a professional to aerate your lawn. This is a process that creates holes in the grass so that the water, nutrients and fertilizer has a way to soak down in the soil and grass. You want to use a professional company to make sure that you do not cause any damage to the lawn.

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