Sprinkler System Blowout & Winterization

No matter where you live, it is important to have regular sprinkler blowouts conducted on your irrigation and sprinkler systems every winter. Periodic blowouts help to preserve the efficiency and longevity of your sprinkler system. In Greater Bend, Oregon, blowouts are vital as the frost level typically reaches the depth of sprinkler piping. If sprinkler system blowouts and winterization are not implemented, residual water left inside the pipes can freeze, expand, and ultimately crack the pipes.

Blowout Process to Winterize Your Sprinkler System

4 Seasonal Services flushes out water via high pressured air. This is critical as even the smallest amount of water left in the irrigation system during the cold winter season can freeze, expand and crack the sprinkler pipes.

Companies that Winterize Sprinkler Systems

Professional sprinkler blowouts are a crucial step in lawn care and sprinkler maintenance. Don’t spend hundreds of dollars replacing pipes that have cracked due to freezing pipes. Even though sprinkler blowouts sound like a simple procedure for professionals to handle, they can be quite dangerous to attempt yourself. Without the proper air compressor and equipment as well as following the necessary precautions, the sprinkler blowout won’t push out all the water anyway. Plus compressed air may even cause you serious injury.

Sprinkler System Blowout & Winterization & More in Bend, La Pine, Redmond, OR & Central Oregon

Since 2004, 4 Seasonal Services have provided thousands of clients with sprinkler blowouts in the Greater Bend, Oregon area. We use only the highest quality equipment to ensure the sprinkler blowout works for every part of your irrigation system. Our technicians have experience with all the common sprinkler brands. Don’t make the mistake of passing up on essential winterization care for your manicured lawn. Sprinkler blowouts can help prevent unnecessary winter damage to your irrigation system, so call us today for more information on sprinkler blowouts and irrigation system maintenance as well as our other quality services.