Lawn Core Aeration

If you are looking to make your lawn as healthy as possible, the answer to your questions may come from lawn core aeration. At 4 Seasonal Services, our team of lawn specialists offer lawn core aeration to our valued customers to help them keep their turf as thick and lush as possible. 4 Seasonal Services would like to share a little more information on this important lawn care service today.

What is Lawn Core Aeration

A lawn aerator is a machine featuring hollow tines that mechanically remove cores (plugs) of soil and thatch from turf. This enabless the soil to be easily penetrated with the oxygen, water, and nutrients a lawn needs and helps reduce soil compaction.

Why is Aerating Lawn important?

Getting the right amount of oxygen to the roots of your lawn is an important part of a healthy lawn. Not only is oxygen a key in keeping a healthy lawn, but other nutrients that are essential like water and fertilizing aids that are applied to the lawn as well. If you have never had your lawn aerated, you may have a thatch that is too thick to allow the right amount of oxygen and nutrients to make their way to the roots of your lawn. The lawn experts at 4 Seasonal Services have the equipment and the know how to ensure your lawn is getting everything it needs to stay green and lush.

Best Time to Aerate Lawn

If you have cool season grasses, it is recommended to aerate your lawn in the early fall season. Those that have warm season grasses, you will want to have your lawn aerated in late spring to early summer. These are the most beneficial times that will yield the best results for your lawn.

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