4 Seasonal Services are top notch in every single respect. They designed and built our whole backyard landscape a couple of years ago complete with a large grass area for the kids to play as well as a paver patio and seasonal flowerbed (they made great recommendations on local flowers and plants that thrive here). Matt and his team do everything necessary to keep our lawn green, from managing our irrigation and sprinkler systems to fertilizing our turf and more. I highly recommend them!

Donna W La Pine OR

We used Matt all last season for our two properties in Bend and really liked his service. He was professional, arrived every week like clockwork, and did a great job on our lawns. He winterized our properties as well, and did all the winter clean-up. I would recommend him without hesitation.

Corby S Bend OR


Susan S Bend OR

Matt, The two guys, JJ and Vince and the nicest guys. Gentlemen, kind and hard working. Claire 😁

Claire K Bend, OR

Hey Matt, this is Trey. Hey Bud. I just wanted to call you and tell you how awesome Cody and Ben were today for me. Great guys. Figured you needed to know that. Hard workers. Personable. Definitely helped me out with the problem with my sprinklers. Definitely want to get a quote for these guys to come on out and do a one time clean up of the yards. Had some great ideas. Anyways, just wanted to let you know. Incredibly happy customer with you. Way to go. And way to go Cody and Ben. Thanks man. Talk to you later.

Trey Bend, OR

Cody and Ben are the hardest workers I have ever had the pleasure of doing work for me. They want everything just perfect and are proud of what they do. You have two excellent workers👍

Linda S La Pine, OR

This is my 2nd year using matt. He has a great crew, does exceptional work and always so happy when I return home to see my yard. I sometimes have a random request for one of his crew members. They do it without hesitation. He also does my mom’s yard and she is equally as happy.

Tiff J Sisters OR

After the Winter here in Bend, our weeds took on another level of insanity. We have a very large corner lot and needed a professional to come out and weed and mulch. After calling several companies (and I mean SEVERAL, Bend businesses have a ridiculous problem of either never answering their phone or never calling anyone back. It's all fun and games until 2008 hits again people!)

Matt not only picked up his phone but was right on time that afternoon to talk about our job. Well what started with simple weeding that actually took the crew 2 1/2 days and these guys were FAST, turned into not just mulch but bringing in about 8 yards of stone to really complement our landscape. We were so impressed with Matt and his team that we had them build us a fountain and it came out spectacular.

I'm a businessman. I've owned 2 for the last 10 years and I'm starting another. Nothing, and I mean nothing gets me more irked than when someone robs me of my most valuable asset: TIME. Matt did nothing of the sort (I'd be typing about it here right now if he did), his prices were more than fair, the crew is beyond AWESOME...Bend and Cody are total pros at landscaping and treated our property like it was their own, just amazing. We now signed on for them to maintain the property all year including snow removal.

Russell N Bend OR