When Should I Winterize My Sprinklers in Bend, OR; Sprinkler System Blowouts Help Prevent Pipes Freezing

There are many homeowners who do not realize the important of maintenance on various aspects of their home. A very common overlooked maintenance task that is highly beneficial is the sprinkler system for their landscaping. Sprinkler systems do not require a lot of maintenance, but they should have an annual blowout service as well as winterization to preserve the longevity and efficiency of the sprinkler system. With that in mind, we at 4 Seasonal Services Landscaping & Irrigation would like to take the opportunity to further elaborate on sprinkler blowouts and winterization.

Blowouts Mean You Don’t Have to Worry About Sprinkler System Freezing

As mentioned, regular sprinkler blowouts conducted on your irrigation and sprinkler systems every winter preserve the efficiency and longevity of your sprinkler system and if you live in cold climates, such as Bend, Oregon, where the frost level generally reaches the depth of sprinkler piping, blowouts are particularly essential. The residual water left inside the pipes can freeze, expand, and eventually crack the pipes should the homeowners neglect sprinkler system blowouts and winterization. Even the tiniest amount of water left over the winter can cause damage to your sprinkling system.

Blowout Process to Winterize Your Sprinkler System

Typically, using compressed air, the professional that has the training and expertise, will blow out all of the water out of the low spots within the sprinkler system. Winterizing your sprinkler system is better done in October/November, however, the first freeze is generally a short event that it should not cause any damage and should be done sooner than later. Many are under the false notion that if we have experienced freezing weather it is too late to get it done, however, with the insulation created by the soil, the first few freezes should not affect the piping. If you are in doubt, contact a professional from 4 Seasonal Services Landscaping & Irrigation for verification; our experts will offer assistance.

When to Shut Off Sprinklers for Winter

To help better protect your sprinkler system from the freezing weather, be sure that the components are protected by turning off the water shutoff for the system, often found in a pit near the water meter, or in the basement. Be sure to leave the timer plugged in and the battery inside it over winter. This will help you avoid the hassle of reprogramming it next spring / summer. Switch the timer to “off” or “rain” to ensure the valves do not operate over the course of winter. During the winterization process, an industrial compressor with industrial components is used. Between the compressor and your irrigation system that prevents excessive pressure and dirt from entering the system is an installed regulator and filter.

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As an important part of maintenance for your sprinkler maintenance, and ultimately your lawn care, professional sprinkler blowouts can save you hundreds of dollars from avoiding pipe work replacement caused by freezing pipes that crack. These procedures, though seemingly easy, can be a dangerous DIY project. Without knowing the proper safety protocols and not having the specially designed air compressor and equipment, the water cannot be pushed out efficiently and the compressed air can potentially lead to serous harm. If you still need your Greater Bend, Oregon sprinkler system blown out and winterized, call in the experts of 4 Seasonal Service Landscaping & Irrigation.